Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

The exchange of gifts is a very important part of making your celebration of love a bit more special.

Love has already brought you close to your partner. You donít necessarily have to shower gifts on your partner to prove your love. Even a little piece of gift as a mark of love significantly adds to your day of romance. Whatís your idea of surprising your love on Valentineís Day? How would you like to celebrate your days of togetherness? Take your partner out for dinner or to a movie or a surprise holiday but donít forget to back these surprises up by little gifts to woo your lover. You can choose from a host of gift ideas on Valentineís Day.

Valentine Gift Ideas


Looking to make this Valentine Day a completely unforgettable evening for your loved one? Seal it with a diamond. Your choices are many - starting from studs to earrings to bracelets and necklaces. The combination of pearl and diamond in a single piece of jewelry will be a prized possession for a girl. Charms and enhancers teamed with a nice dress will find their way into every girlís Valentineís Day look. Even girls can surprise their men with less ornate diamond pieces like a brooch.

Roses and Chocolates

On this special day, just look back at those initial days of your relationship - the first time you realized that your not-so-serious crush has translated into something more meaningful, or that you have really started falling for the person whom you could never imagine as your partner. How did you decide to put forward the most important proposal of your life? Roses and chocolates worked for most of the guys out there. You can relive those moments of love with the exchange of those gifts which spelt magic in your love life. Even a single red rose is considered to be the mark of your unconditional love. Bouquets are available in exquisite shapes and sizes. While the heart-shaped bouquets are the most obvious choices, the ones who want to be little more experimental can go for pink blushes, multicolored bouquets and those teamed with chocolates, heart-shaped chocolates, teddy bears, cards and those with other soft toys.

Music CDs and Romantic DVDs

Your love is manifested in all those romantic songs and movies - what better way to keep your lover hooked to you?

Handmade Gifts and Handicrafts

Diamonds, roses, chocolates and bags are most certain to please your valentine. But how about thinking a little out of the box? What about exhibiting your love through interesting handicrafts? The gift items made by you can come in real handy when you find it difficult to eke out those extra bucks for the present. The handmade items include a range of products like colorful cowries, rod holders, attractive boxes with assorted candies, handmade bead bracelets, handmade poetry mug, or precious enclosures. You might as well want the blessings of Lord Ganesha by gifting little hanging Ganeshas or the hand-painted enameled metal Lord Ganesha to your loved one. Attractive wall hangings, beaded holders, potteries and wooden decors will be appreciated as memorable gifts forever, especially by ladies who love decorating their houses. Beaded jewelries work as lovely fashion accessories.

Handmade jewelry made of gems, handmade candle holders, and antique paintings can be your choice as well. Women who are ready to be a little experimental can gift nautical elements like handcrafted telescopes, decorative clocks and handcrafted compasses with which their men can easily boost their antique collection.

Couples with a creative bent of mind can really try out different handicrafts as your Valentineís Day gifts. Teamed with attractive papers and ribbons, these gifts are purely unconventional ways to please your love.

Aside from the handmade items, fragrances, sleek watches, greeting cards, love notes, and photo frames available in exquisite designs also work as great gifts for your valentine.

Valentine Gifts for Women

Men can choose anything from flowers, chocolates, diamonds, soft toys, LBDs, bags, designer lingerie, fashion accessories, bathing essentials like bathrobe, fragrance soaps or a basket with assorted bathing materials and fashion accessories to win over their lady love.

Valentine Gifts for Men

All you girls out there make an extra effort to choose the perfect gift for your partner who is so eager to please you. Sleek watches, wallets, a handmade book consisting of your photos, metallic brass photo frame, belts, jackets - any one of these can be your pick for your man this Valentine.

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