Friendship Day

Friendship Day Gift Ideas

Your friends might be the easiest ones around you to be pleased by you, but don’t let any opportunity to show your feelings towards them slip.

Celebrate the most treasured bond with exchange of lovely and innovative gifts. Your love for your friend will manifest itself in the form of little gifts like cards, chocolates, friendship bands, etc. These gifts serve as acknowledgement of the bond, the love, the trust and the emotional dependence shared between friends. You can avail a lot of options from a range of gift items meant for Friendship’s Day. The following list will give you a good idea about Friendship Day gifts.

Gift Ideas for Friendship Day

  • Flowers: Convey your emotions with a beautiful bouquet. Yellow roses signify friendship. If your friend likes something else, pick your bouquet according to her taste.

  • Showpiece: Attractive showpieces are popular gifts among friends. These showpieces are available in glass, crystal, metals, and paper-mache. Ironically, the showpieces, once gifted to friends automatically translate into something more than “show”. They go down as lovely gifts, creating beautiful memories.

  • Books: Don’t hesitate to spell surprise for your booklover friend by gifting him his favorite book on this day.

  • Utility gifts like pens, diaries, watches, key rings, telephone index, pen stand, and electronic notebooks make ideal gift options.

  • Music CDs, game CDs, personalized CDs, chocolates, soft toys, and photo frames are other choices available to you.

Handmade Gift Ideas

Surprise your friend with the lovely gifts made by you. Exercise your creative skills and be at your innovative best to please your friend this Friendship Day:

  • Friendship Bands: They are the best way to express thanks to the person who has always been by your side through thick and thin. Youngsters can decorate woolen plaits and ribbons with ornaments, stones and sequins for their friends. These bands signify the strength of the bond shared between two friends.

  • Friendship Day Cards: Handmade cards are the best way to remind your friend of your childhood days when you skipped your studies to make cards for your near ones on special occasions. The personalized touch ensures that you are successful in making your friend feel special.

  • Friendship Bookmark: Let your imagination run wild by designing creative friendship bookmarks. These bookmarks with a loose ribbon at the end can be of various sizes, shapes and colors.

  • Friendship Bags: Friendship bags with curious designs can be ideal gifts for your pal. Bags with candy hug, candy kiss and funny face stickers are popular among youngsters.

  • Friendship Plaque: Wrap a small wooden block with fabric and write a friendship message on it.

If you are really emotional about your friend then don’t hesitate to work towards making this day a bit more memorable for him/her. Dig out childhood photos with your friend. Add them to your collection of the new photos and put them together in an album. This interesting collage is sure to bring smile on your friend’s face! Bring your creative skills to the fore by decorating the album with glitter, ribbons or by adding interesting messages for your friend. You can even make colorful paper jewelry boxes, pen holders, or picture frames.

If you want to go all classic and unleash the ethnic side to your friend, handicraft clothes, jewelry, candle holders, furnishing and decorative items are some of the gifts you can avail on this Friendship Day. Handicrafts jewelry has a timeless appeal while handicraft centerpieces, decor, handloom and clothes can be gifted to friends of all ages. They are available as brooches, chokers, toe rings, nose rings, cufflinks, kadas, necklaces and anklets.

Make your gifts look more attractive by packing them up in beautiful handicraft gift boxes.

Unique Friendship Day Gift Ideas

Come up with something very original this Friendship’s Day.If you can shell out those big bucks for your trendy buddy, go for something like a tattoo, or a much coveted body piercing. But make sure that these gifts are available at safe places and proper measures like hygiene, allergic reactions, skin problems and other precautionary measures are kept in view before tattooing is done.

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