Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is a festival of fun, love and merrymaking when you can make your loved ones happy with gifts.

This festival has its own myths and legends, like Santa Claus who comes with loads of gifts for the young ones on the night of the Christmas Eve. The biggest truth is that this festival is celebrated by all the people of the world where religion attains a higher meaning - a meaning of humanity.

Children, in the hope for receiving gifts from the Santa hang socks on the porch, walls, terraces, and even on the bed stands. But the tradition of giving gifts on the Christmas is not limited to the children only. Grown-ups also exchange gifts as a gesture of love, respect and affection to make every Christmas memorable.

But gifts have their own meanings and connotations and become a symbol of the kind of thoughtfulness one possesses. Therefore, choosing a gift depends on the person whom you are planning to give it to.

Most of the gift ideas regarding children and even grownup people like your parents and your senior relatives, friends and even your partner revolve around showpieces, clothes, and sometimes utility materials like crockery. List of gifts that can be chosen from are:

  • Apparels

  • Art and paintings

  • Photo frames

  • Decorative items for home

  • Glass wares

  • Figurines made of porcelain, glass, ceramics and even wood, including virgin mary grotto, candle stand, different types of crosses.

  • Angelic items, which are common, include door knockers, candlesticks, wooden plaques, angel wind chimes, table lamps and many more.

  • Cherubic themes include holders, candle stands, fountains, guardian angel clocks and bookends.

  • Custom made gift items like cups, calendars, table tops and table clocks with embossed or printed images of your loved ones on it.

  • A ring or a pendant for your partner with two of your names and pictures.

Handicraft Gift Ideas for Christmas

Handicraft items take special place when it comes to Christmas gifts. These are easy to choose from, available everywhere and bear a touch of tenderness that speaks about your care and affection. Handicraft items you can choose from are:

  • Textile based handicraft like bags, sarees, dress materials, bed covers, pillow covers, cushions, draperies, table clothes.

  • Clay materials like terracotta showpieces, ethnic tubs, ethnic masks, jewelry sets.

  • Handmade Metal work such as dokras and silver works are very popular as showpieces and jewelry. These have become the heartbeats of the present generation.

  • Woodworks are beautiful handmade artifacts (this includes sculptures, and even lino paintings and other woodcarvings) adorning your walls, tables and your living room.

  • Stonecraft -handmade artifacts with stone that uphold various cultural ramifications contributing to the beauty of the place where it is kept.

  • Embroidered materials are handmade needlework designs made on the surface of another cloth. These are used on ethnic wares and on clothes which are used as wall hangings.

  • Zari and Zari goods have a rich tradition behind them and gifting a zari based good marks the elegance of one’s taste and preference. Zaris are threadworks made on various goods such as wares, textile shoes and ethnic bags.

  • Handicraft home decorations are the most innovative gift items one can gift on Christmas. These items include:

    1. Bamboo decorations

    2. Walnut wood decoration

    3. Buddhist art

    4. Fusion art decoratives

    5. Brass decoratives

    6. Cane decoratives

    7. Marble decoratives

    8. Ceramic decoratives

    9. Leather decoratives

    10. Lampshades made of appliqué, walnut wood, glass and such materials

    11. Various wall hangings from Rajasthan, Gujarat and also made from hand-woven fabrics and appliqués.

    12. Various types of sculpture of different deities and images made of brass, wood, bell metal, neem wood, marble, stone, terracotta, copper and many more.

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