Teak Wood Furniture

Teak Wood Furniture which has adorned houses of affluent people for centuries is made of wood obtained from Tectona Grandis. This tree is primarily found in the tropical forests. Teak wood furniture has been a prized possession for years because of its durability and elegance. An unmistakable status symbol, this furniture amply testifies to your class, quality and finesse.

A blend of functionality and beauty, teak furniture can be a welcome addition to your home or office décor. This furniture can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes since teak is resistant to sun, rain, insects, mold, mildew and fungi. However, too much exposure to sun and the cold can have its adverse effects. Prolonged exposure to sunlight might cause the fading away of the color; cold can result in the drying out of the teak.

Special Features of Teak Furniture

Crafted with stellar looks and designs, teak wood furniture also smells good due to the presence of natural oils. The hard wood does not act as a hindrance to the flexibility of this furniture and can be shaped into a number of attractive designs.

Materials Used in Teak Wood Furniture

Like any other tree teak contains rubber, natural oils and wax. However, teak has the power to retain those rubber and natural oils even after being felled and processed- this accounts for the durability which any teak lover would vouch for. However, the presence of materials like abaca, synthetic, kooboo grey and banana natural can come in handy while producing high-quality teak furniture. These materials are used to add to the final look of your already vibrant and flamboyant furniture set. Special mention should be made of synthetic here. It can withstand chlorine, salt water and UV rays.

How is Teak Furniture Made?

The making of teak furniture involves the following steps:

  1. Kiln drying of wood
  2. Cutting of wood into components
  3. Laminating the components
  4. The mixing of stains
  5. Applying the stains on the furniture

Kinds of Teak Furniture

Wow your guests with a splendid collection of teak furniture- beds, chairs, dining table, sofa sets, swings, loungers, benches, occasional tables, patio furniture etc. Transform your otherwise conventional patio furniture by just being a tad too experimental with your choice. Add a dash of elegance with a grill area, outdoor kitchen and wine cabinet.

The indoor furniture sets made of teak are equally mesmerizing and a teak lover can never be tired of upgrading his home décor. Based on the size and style of your house you will get to avail a number of options when it comes to dining tables made of teak. Be it an extendable dining table or a sleek coffee table, teak makes for some delightful cynosure for your guests!

Price Range of Teak Wood Furniture

The price range of teak furniture is quite high owing to its durability. In fact this furniture is becoming dearer day by day. Special living room furniture can cost you approximately around INR 15,000. A writing table may cost you around INR 15,000 approximately.

In which Regions Teak Wood Furniture is Made?

Teak wood furniture making is a serious trade in Indonesia. Thought teak is found in countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Burma, Indonesia is one country where much of its workforce is dedicated to making furniture made of teak.

In India teak wood is manufactured in the following places: Kolkata (Park Street, Bowbazar), Calicut (Cheruvanur), Delhi (Okhla Industrial Area), Bangalore (Hosur Road), Naranpura (Ahmedabad) etc.

Where to Buy Teak Wood Furniture?

You can buy imported teakwood furniture from Chennai (Nungambakkam). Bangalore has teak wood furniture stores in Bannerghatta road, ST Marks road, Krishnarajapuram etc. Other cities which deal into teak wood furniture are Kolkata (Nadia, Eliot Road, Kankurgachi), Agra (Rajapur, Belanganj), Mumbai (Dombivalli East and Matunga East), Delhi (Lajpatnagar), Pune (Ambegaon) etc.

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