Rajasthani Furniture

Rajasthani furniture handcrafted by gifted artists, exemplifies the rich cultural heritage of the state. Chairs, tables, beds etc, designed intricately by Rajasthanis have found a niche among homes, hotels, restaurants and resorts across the entire country. They are particularly popular owing to the rich and ethnic look rendered by them. This furniture, characterized by traditional floral designs and latticework, has braced many Indian homes since its inception. The designs are mostly influenced by Mughal art.

Materials Used in Rajasthani Furniture

  • Wood is the predominant material that goes into making Rajasthani furniture. Jaipur specially makes furniture out of mango wood, acacia wood, shisham wood etc.

  • Shekhawati furniture made of babool, sheesham and mango is well known.

  • Furniture-making is pursued passionately in Barmer where Rohida wood is quite famous. The rich carvings on the wooden articles, tables and cots are sure to impress you. Furniture made of Shisham wood with iron inlays is quite popular.

  • Despite being predominantly influenced by traditional designs Rajasthani woodwork has not been stagnant. Cities like Jaipur and Udaipur have juxtaposed traditional and modern elements in the craft to enhance its appeal. In fact Jaipurís woodwork is slowly gaining momentum in the foreign markets as well!

  • Tilonia specializes in leather-embroidered chairs.

  • The silver furniture of Rajasthan adorns its royal palaces. Sofa sets, love seat chairs, swings, temples, chairs all come in silver making way for delectable cynosure!

  • Rajasthani marble furniture is a sign of unparalleled elegance and class.

  • Iron, copper and brass are also used.

  • Paint is another material used in Rajasthani furniture. In fact it is difficult to come across any Rajasthani furniture without hand painted designs on them.

How Rajasthani Furniture is Made

The handcrafted furniture is painted after they are made. Then the coat of varnish acts as the final touch. The making of the Rajasthani silver furniture involves the following steps:

  1. Inlay of silver work
  2. Chasing
  3. Embossing and
  4. Engraving

All this is done with the help of steel hammer. The final product is only attained after the ornamental motifs are rendered with punch tools.

Special Features of Rajasthani Furniture

One is bound to be impressed by the range of paintings afforded by the Rajasthani furniture. Being examples of rich craftsmanship, these paintings are versatile having very distinct styles of their own. The antique charm of the state is best manifested in the craftsmanship of the artisans from Jodhpur. The color scheme is particularly traditional, bringing the impact of rich cultural heritage to the fore. Furniture from Kishangarh has paintings which are heavily inspired by the Mughal artwork.

Kinds of Rajasthani Furniture

Unleash a range of colorful Rajasthani furniture for your house. Chairs, tables, beds, paneled screens, television cabinets, mirror frames, wine racks, stools, DVD cabinets, end tables, cupboards, wooden sofa, and almirah are some of the things available. The exquisite Meenakari designs on temples, wall brackets and drawers are a huge draw in Rajasthan.

Where to Buy Rajasthani Furniture?

Jodhpur is famous for Rajasthani wood furniture. Hunt for the authentic cane furniture in Ajmer. Delhi, Mumbai, Faridabad, and Noida have some stores as well.

In Delhi you will find the stores at Jagat Puri, Greater Kailash, Panchkuian Road and Mehrauli. Jaipur and Udaipur have some stores which supply Rajasthani marble furniture.

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