Long Cane Chair

Long Cane Chair

Raised considerably from the ground, the long cane chair has a round seat with a backrest. The four long legs of the chair are made from thick shafts of bamboo with a resting bar for the feet on all the four sides. The design of the chair is of those in the bars. These chairs are of utility along with high study or computer tables. They allow the person to sit with a straight backbone keeping them comfortable at work for hours.

In the house, you can place them in front of your dressing table as well. The legs of the chair are painted chocolate brown while the color of the seat and backrest is pale yellow. The natural color of dry and cane bamboo is almost retained along even after the polish.

Most of the art work is on the crown like head that has a blend of three colors orange, red and green. The face is painted bronze yellow and reflects strong light. The neck portion forms the main base with a flat end to place it well on the table. Neatly carved base also allows the idol to sit straight without falling off even when placed on a high table.

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