Kashmiri Furniture

If you are planning to move into a new house and have decided to set it up with completely new décor, how about decking it up with the ethnic sets of Kashmiri furniture? Kashmir known across the globe for its exclusivity in cuisines and clothes is equally famed for its furniture. The old tradition of hand-made furniture has been remarkably sustained by the modern day carpenters. This kind of furniture known for its ornate styling and embellishment was particularly patronized by the Kashmiri rulers. The intricate detailing and fabrication of this furniture is a direct pointer to the evolved carpentry in India. An example of supremely rich craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty, even a small piece of Kashmiri furniture can do wonders for your complete home décor.

Materials Used in Kashmiri Furniture

Kashmiri Furniture is primarily made up of walnut wood. The wood obtained from the trunk has lesser grains and is lighter in color compared to the wood extracted from the root. Copper ware and beaten silver are also used. Wax polish is used to keep the natural luster of the walnut wood intact.

How Kashmiri Furniture is Made?

Kashmir being the repository of India’s finest handwork tradition, its furniture is crafted entirely by hands. You can imagine the labor put in for designing each of the specimens as the entire process including fabrication, carving and polishing are done without any help of machines.

Hammers with big heads and chisels are used for carving. The versatility in the designs is reflected in the different types of carving itself. Deep carving, semi carving and cut work are the different types of carving found on Kashmiri furniture sets. Deep carving is more time consuming and requires more skilled craftsmen, as a result is more expensive. Lotus flower and dragon are the main motifs seen in deep carving. The craftsman has the opportunity to unleash his skills on a semi-carving as it allows the display of the grain of wood.

Kashmiri wickerwork is very famous and is mainly seen on chairs and tables. Chinar motif is specially highlighted in shallow carving.

Kinds of Kashmiri Furniture

The use of excessive wood and intricate designs render a very heavy and classy look to Kashmiri furniture set. Dining sets, dressing tables, writing desks, racks cupboards, chairs, beds, sofas, jali almirah, wooden almirah, etc etched with ornate designs are the different kinds of Kashmiri furniture available.

Where you will get Kashmiri Furniture?

Kashmir (Pahalgam, Srinagar, Lal Chowk), Delhi (Kirti Nagar), Pune (Nigdi) are some of the places where you will find Kashmiri furniture stores.

Some Facts about Kashmiri Furniture

Due to excessive deforestation and competition from imported furniture the Kashmiri furniture industry is almost on the verge of being phased out. Owing to apprehensions triggered by speculations of a very bleak future, the Kashmiri youth is not paying much attention to this industry either.

Be prepared to add a little more vibrancy to your new house with the exquisite pieces of craftsmanship and artistry by the Kashmiri carpenters!

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