Handcrafted Furniture

Handcrafted Furniture

Adding value to your home and workspace, furniture is an essential for comfortable living. In urban homes, furniture is also an important decorative for living room, bedroom, kitchen, study hall and dining. There are different sets of furniture for these places in the home such as beds, table, chairs, sofa set and stools.

Modern furniture is made from everything such as metal, wrought iron, wood, cane, plastic and fibre. Vintage furniture includes those from the middle ages and ancient India which were made from oak, are usually heavy and have intricate designs. Venetian and Victorian era furniture feature different shapes and designs in the structure of tables and chairs. Asian tradition of furniture has been distinctively wood and bamboo. Rural homes still have a wide usage of cane and bamboo products.

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Types of Furniture

Wood Furniture

Wood is the earliest material used for furniture making after stone in the Neolithic period. In early Europe and middle ages, oak tree wood became a rage. Besides oak, babool, teak and sheesham are widely used now. The baroque designs and heavy ornamentals became popular and there were large beds, dining table, stands and even sitting chairs being made from oak. In Western Europe and Asia, wood furniture were found in royal residences and palaces. By the end of the 18th century, wood furniture became a household affair in India, China, Pakistan and Japan. From solid oak to teak and soft seasoned wood, there was no dearth of models. Today, wood furniture are light in weight, have great polish and match your home color.

Teak Wood Furniture

Teak is a tropical tree specie used for furniture making in Asia and Africa. It is a hardwood variety with a yellowish tinge used for flooring, building boat decks, bridges and indoor furnishing. Furniture of teak wood are durable in nature and gets better with exposure to sun. Doors and window frames in India mostly have teak wood and furniture made of teakwood is costly.

Rajasthani Furniture

Marble, wood and meenakari work furniture are integral to the Indian state of Rajasthan. The vintage variety found in the forts, palaces and havelis of Rajasthan are mostly made of hardwood and marble. Ornamental designs and marble paintings place Rajasthani furniture on high demand. Jodhpur, Jaipur and Kishangarh excel in wood carving with wardrobe, cabinets, beds and stools fitted with mirrors and having praiseworthy embellishment on them. The Pidha furniture is also a unique set made from goat’s hair weaved onto wooden frames. They make excellent chairs, tables and stools.

Kashmiri Furniture

Encompasses beds, tables and chairs made from walnut wood, famous in the region. Walnut wood furniture is sold in the local markets and are traditional quality products. Other woods used are dodar, sheesham and kikkar.

Silver Furniture

Silver was once the sign of royalty and mostly used by the Maharajas in Indian states. Today silver cabinets, drawers, chests and even baby beds are seen in several museums. Silver-framed furniture are still expensive ones and sold widely in emporiums of Rajasthan and West Bengal. The polished white silver is used as plating for tabletops, handles for chairs and also bed frames. Silver coffee tables are ideal garden furniture in 5 star heritage hotels.

Marble Furniture

Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are India’s marble hubs with exports all over the world. The makrana variety of marble is most famous for furniture making such as prayer temples at home, dining table, wardrobe and cabinets. Even you can find marble fireplaces and pedestals in homes. The sculptures and designing on marble is its most important feature and marble furniture is heavy as well.

Metal Furniture

Stainless steel, iron and aluminium are used for constructing some parts of furniture both for indoor and outdoor setting. Cast or wrought iron furniture is popular in modern homes and apartments today for their sleek designs and light weight. Even wood and glass furniture can have metal pieces and slides. Metal furniture increases user accessibility.

Glass Furniture

Glass furniture features aristocracy and sophistication. Hard transparent glass sheets are placed on tabletops. White plain glass, stained glass and plasma are seen on dining tables, coffee tables, wardrobes and in bedroom furniture.

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