Tissue Paper Flower

How to Make a Tissue Paper Flower

Time Required: 15 minutes

Things You Will Need

  1. Tissue paper of any color
  2. Pipe cleaners or floral wire
  3. Scissors
  4. 2 paper clips
  5. Colored marker pen
  6. Any cirular shaped object


  1. Take a tissue paper and fold it in half. Contine folding in half until you get 10 to 12 layers of tissue paper.

  2. Place the circular object over folded tissue paper and trace out a circle with pencil or pen.

  3. Cut out the circles through all the layers of tissue paper with scissor.

  4. Place two paper clips on the circles to keep them together.

  5. Now take a marker pen and color the edges of the circles. Make sure you hold all the edges together while coloring otherwise the circles will separate.

  6. Remove the paper clips and make two holes at the centre of the circles with the help of a pipe cleaner or a needle.

  7. Slip the pipe cleaner through one hole of the circles. Now fold about 1 inch of the pipe cleaner inward and bring it back down through the other hole of the circles.

  8. Twist both the ends of the pipe cleaner together under the flower.

  9. Gently lift the first circle of tissue paper up and then softly wrinkle it by hand all the way round.

  10. Repeat step 9 with each circle individually until you have formed a fluffy flower.

Your tissue paper flower is now ready. If you want to make a bouquet, then create 6 to 7 such flowers.

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