Safety Pin Bracelet

How to Make a Safety Pin Bracelet

The bracelet made out of safety pins looks like a real jeweled accessory and is very simple and easy to make. All you need is a package of safety pins and beads in the desired colors. You can customize this bracelet for any occasion by using different sized safety pins, colored pins and pins with multicolor beads.

This funky bracelet even makes a wonderful gift idea that you would like to gift to all of your best pals. So, take out some safety pins and transform them into a beautiful bracelet.

Time Required: 1 hr 30 minutes

Things You Will Need

  1. 40 to 50 safety pins (No. of safety pins may vary depending on the size of your wrist)
  2. Elastic cord
  3. One package of seed beads
  4. Needle nose plier
  5. Scissor


  1. Open a safety pin and string as many seed beads as you can onto its point. Make sure you leave enough space to close the pin.

  2. Close the safety pin and crimp the head using a needle nose plier so that it cannot open up.

  3. Repeat this process until half of your safety pins have been beaded. Leave the other half of safety pins empty.

  4. Cut the elastic cord into two pieces of 12 inch each. Make a knot at one end of each cord.

  5. String one of the elastic cords through the head of a beaded safety pin, and another elastic cord through the bottom of the same beaded safety pin. Now take an empty safety pin, reverse it and then string the two elastic cords through it. (so that the bottom of the empty pin is facing up and the head is down.) Continue stringing in this manner first beaded safety pin and then an empty safety pin in alternate direction until your bracelet is long enough to go around your wrist.

  6. Now tie the top cords together and the bottom cords together. Cut off any extra cord, and your bracelet is ready to wear.

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