Diwali Diyas

How to Make Diwali Diyas at Home

Diyas are the perfect items to add some light and beauty to your home. Also known as deep, they are used for illuminating the entire home during Diwali, the festival of lights. If you want you can make your own diyas at home with wheat flour and some decorations. Your handmade diyas will look pretty when placed at your home entrance, windows and around the interior and exterior of the house.

This will not only give you immense satisfaction but your Diwali decoration will have your own personal touch.

Things You Will Need

  1. Wheat flour
  2. Water
  3. Yellow food color
  4. Baking tray
  5. Oven
  6. Ungreased Foil
  7. Cotton wool
  8. Paint brush
  9. Acrylic or poster paints
  10. Plastic bowl
  11. Decorative glass pieces


  1. Preheat the oven to 200 F.

  2. Place ungreased foil over the baking tray. Make sure you completely cover the baking tray with foil.

  3. Prepare a mixture of wheat flour, water and food color in a bowl. Stir constantly until the mixture forms a dough. You can also add some fresh flower petals in the mixture to give your diyas natural color.

  4. Take out small balls from the prepared dough and mould them into the shape of diyas. You can make diyas in any shape and size of your choice.

  5. Place the diyas on the baking tray and then insert the tray in the oven. Bake the diyas in oven for around 20 minutes.

  6. When this is done, cool diyas at room temperature.

  7. Check after few hours. If diyas are still not hard, then leave them in the sun for around 3 to 4 hours.

  8. Your diyas are now ready. Decorate them according to your own style to make them look more beautiful. Paint your diyas with some bright acrylic colors or stick some small decorative glass pieces on the edge of the diyas. You can even draw various shapes on diyas with paint to give them a traditional look. After painting, let the diyas dry completely.

  9. Make wicks by rolling out some cotton wools. Insert wicks into the diyas, pour some oil and then light them up.

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