CD Wall Hanging

How to Make a CD Wall Hanging

Time Required: 30 minutes

Things You Will Need

  1. 3 CDs
  2. 3 Ganesha murals or any other plastic murals (you can get murals from old invitation cards)
  3. Plaster of paris
  4. Fabric or poster colors
  5. Fevicol
  6. 2 long ribbons of same color


  1. Take plaster of paris in a bowl. Add fevicol and little water to it and mix thoroughly to form a paste.

  2. Apply the paste so formed unevenly on the CD and then stick the Ganesha mural at the center of the CD.

  3. Now mix plaster of paris and fevicol in a separate bowl to form a dough. Mould dough into the shape of the circle and stick it around the Ganesha mural on the CD.

  4. Form 2 or 3 more shapes out of the dough and stick them outside the circle on the CD. You can make shapes of flowers, leaves or whatever you like.

  5. Decorate the other two Cds in the same way and then let all of them dry completely.

  6. Now paint your CDs with fabric or poster colors and decorate them as desired. Wait for the paint to dry.

  7. Take the ribbons and stick them at the backside of the CDs.

Your CD wall hanging is now ready. Hang it on your walls with the help of a nail or hook.

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