Pen Stand with Bangles

How to Make a Pen Stand with Bangles

Time Required: 10 minutes

Things You Will Need

  1. Bangles of different color but of same size
  2. Cardboard
  3. Scissors
  4. Fevicol
  5. Pencil or pen


  1. Take a cardboard and place one of your bangle on it. Mark a circle on the cardboard by tracing along the sides of the bangle with a pencil or pen.

  2. Cut out the marked circle with the help of scissors.

  3. Now take a bangle and apply fevicol on it. Take the second bangle and paste it on the first bangle.

  4. Apply fevicol on the second bangle and paste third bangle on it.

  5. In this way, stick one bangle over the other until you get the desired height you need for your pen stand.

  6. Now take the round cardboard and paste it below the bottom bangle of your pen stand.

  7. Let it dry completely.

Your pen stand is now ready to use. Take some pens, pencils and highlighters and arrange them in your own handmade colorful stand.

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