Wood Carved Box

Wood Carved Box

Beautifully hand carved wooden boxes not just uplifts the entire ambiance of the room but also useful in storing the stuffs in a systematic order. Wood carving boxes is a special craft. It requires extreme patience that could flourish with a fine imagination..

A wood carver workmanship is always admired and praised all for its different styles. A piece of wood and knife do all the magic.There are five main styles of woodcarving that can be employed while making decorative boxes made of wood. Each style is distinctive, intriguing and unique. These popular styles are whittling, chip carving, relief carving, intaglio carving and carving in the round.

In whittling bits of wood is removed with a cutting blade. It is the simplest form of wood carving as it doesn’t involve much detailing, as compared to other wood carving.

Chip carving uses several knives to remove small pieces of wood from a flat wood surface. These specially made chip knives are used to push or pull at the wood to free each chip. It is a very popular art form with varying triangular shapes. It creates complex patterns that are geometric in nature that accentuates the beauty and goes beyond the imagination.Relief Carving is done on a flat back cut of wood with images cut in 3-dimensional fashion. It can be commonly seen on walls, tables or surface tops.

Intaglio Carvings similar to the relief carving but the only difference is that the craving looks as if it is above the wood surface. The intaglio craving is seen in dining tables, bedroom furniture, coffee tables and end tables.

Carving in the Round is the most advanced style of wood carving. The product is viewed from all sides. It is carved out of the wood and its base serves as a supporting platform. To make carving in the round requires quite a number of tools.

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