Meenakari Box

Meenakari Box

The Pink painted enamel style was brought in Varanasi by the Persian enamellists around early 17th century during the Mughal era. This enameling style reached its peak of perfection at the Persian Court at Isfahan during the Qajar dynasty.

The art of Meenakari was prosperous till about hundred year ago. Today there are only a handful of craft persons. They work on gold enamel, and silver enamel jewelry and other objects.The enamel workers are called meenakar, and the work is known as meenakari. Meenakari work is famous Rajasthani work. Decorative Meenakari boxes have originated from Rajasthan. These decorative boxes of Meenakari are used during the regal times by Rajas, Maharajas, queens and princesses to store their jewelry. Even today these boxes are very much in use and demand.

Copper and bronze are the famous non-ferrous metals and each has its own alchemic and healing powers. It issued to make Meenakari boxes. The technique is found in border areas of Rajasthan touching Uttar Pradesh that is synonymous with metalwork.The Meenakari box is a dazzling box that is embellished with semi precious and designs. The decorative boxes are prepared using Meenakari technique. It involves applying enamel on to the surface of the metal sheets. Delicate designs are engraved into the metal before the application of the enamel. Then an enamel dust is poured into the grooves of the design features. The metal sheet is heated with a furnace so that the enamel dust melts and becomes liquid. The Meenakari technique is quite lengthy and involves many steps. In the process each enamel color is fired separately. At the end, after the last heating of the enamel, the metal is cooled and polished with agate. Colorful sheets are used to cover objects as boxes, picture frames, or vases. The result is a vibrant work of art.

They are most commonly used as a lovely jewelry box. Its beauty is further enhances with mesmerizing enameled patterns. This jewelry case is handcrafted in wood, embellished with colorful stones and ornamental cloth and skillfully covered with nickel-plated metal sheet. Meenakari boxes involve the art of bronze casting. It has been practiced in India for more than five million years.

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