Brass Inlaid Decorative Box

Brass Inlaid Decorative Box

Decorative brass inlaid decorative boxes make great accents for any room of the house. They help keep things organized. In today's world of mass production and readymade stuffs, finely handcrafted boxes bring, along with their grace, the charm and passion of human imagination that stretches beyond the creative limit.

These decorative brass inlay boxes with compartments helps in keeping stuffs at proper order. The finishing of the interior compartments is the perfect place to keep treasures and jewelry.

Brass inlay is one of the most popular and amazing techniques. It is used to make quality decorative boxes. To accentuate the beautiful carved designs, of the wooden boxes, thin strips of brass are inlaid. It amplified and heightens the design and beauty of the wooden box.

The artistic beauty of the brass inlay boxes the handcrafted wooden artistic boxes makes it look even more beautiful. They make a very good gifting item. To personalize the gift, a custom made engraved plate can also e incorporated in the brass inlaid box.

Decorative boxes add charm to the home décor. Their designs and patterns are spell-bounding and attract everyone. The addition of the brass inlay in the boxes comes up with come with enamel embossed designs.The glistening and polished wood looks magnificent with floral and peacock designs. This handcrafted wooden box has an air of mystique and with the carving and brass inlay its beauty accentuated to a different level.

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