Bidri Art Box

Bidri Art Box

Bidri is a well-known art form. The art of bidri involves sliver inlay on a metal alloy. It flourished and reached perfection under the patronage of the Bahamani and Baridi dynasties. The original place of origination of the Bidri art form is in Karnataka.

Bidar is a place located 80 miles away from Hyderabad. The Bidri craft is known after this place. It traditionally originated in Persia about seven centuries ago. The migrants brought this craft to India. This art form is known for its nimble craftsmanship.

Bidri art form involved the intricate metal work over the smooth and glossy surface of the artifacts. It is essentially a brass alloy made of zinc, copper, lead, tin and traces of iron. The most common way to make Bidri craft is an alloy of zinc and a small proportion of other non-ferrous metals. Originally the color of alloy is color of the alloy is grey, but later turns jet black with the application of special clay or chemical.

Bidri art form has become widely popular in India. To make a bidri art box, a mixture of copper and zinc cast poured into red clay molds. After it has cast, the item is sanded and then rubbed with a copper sulphate solution which gives the item a dark surface. The artisans then chisel his design into the item and once the design is complete, silver sheets are hammered into the crevices of the design. The surface is then sanded and buffed before being heated. This makes the entire surface turn a deep black color.

For finishing, the piece is rubbed down in oil to deepen the lustrous matte finish.Bidri craft is an artistic process that has been there for centuries. It prevailed and passion for the craft among the rulers of Bahamani dynasty, the Moghuls and the Nobles of Hyderabad. Besides bidri craft box, it is used to make jugs, jars, flower vases, jewelry, ash trays and other utility items.

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