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Fabricated Textile Product

Textile products are generally classified into apparel garments, fabricated items and technical textiles. Here we will be discussing on Fabricated Textile Products which comprise home furnishings , canvas products and automotive trimmings . The word ‘fabricated' suggests the textile products are manufactured in an imaginative, creative and innovative way. It comes as an added advantage to its utility factor. Fabricated textile goods manufacturing is a growing sector of the textile industry.

Home furnishings and accessories form a major chunk of fabricated textile product. Home textile sector of textile manufacturing industries is gaining immense popularity owing to the rising demand by people all over the world. People are now more concerned in decorating their home in the most fashionable way possible… hence is the demand for such products. For many a year house furnishings like sheets, towels and blankets served as basic household necessity. It has now been modeled to sophisticated, custom creations .

The textile designers with their creative custom fabrication expertise reflect the latest fashion trend as they play with fabrics, colors and prints in products like:
  • Table linen and table top accessories
  • Napkins
  • Chair covers
  • Draping panels
  • Lounge accessories
  • Furniture covers, spreads and carpets
Canvas Products are textiles which are used to drape and cover the valuable and prized possessions of people which includes covers designed to guard boats, pontoons, ATV's, motorcycles, jet skiis, snowmobiles and jet boats. Automotive trimmings refer to manufacture of auto carpets, door seals, edge trims, leatherette and rubber matting. These products cater to automotive and transportation industries. Learn more about Fabricated Textile Products at India Handicraft Store.

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