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The textile tradition of India is perhaps the world's oldest textile tradition. Textile serves a variety of purposes like clothing, carpeting, and furnishing. Textiles are also used for industrial purposes. The origin of Indian textile can be traced back to the ages of Indus Valley civilization.

The household items like needles made of bone as well as a number of spindles unearthed at the excavation sites in the district of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa amply suggest that the people of those civilizations used homespun cotton for weaving garments. One of India's most celebrated ancient royal dynasties, the Vijayanagar Dynasty emphasized that textile was an important trade in the ancient era. The art of Indian textile is defined at its best by the Indian geography, climate, social customs, availability of the raw materials etc.

Many occasional comments about the textile craft of the Indian subcontinent can also be found in the ancient Indian writings. Rig Veda provides us with the first literary information about textiles in India. Even the two ancient Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharat also relate us about a variety of fabrics used in those times. The past traditions of the textile and handlooms can still be seen amongst the motifs, patterns, designs, and the old techniques of weaving, still employed by the weavers.The Indian textile is popular all across the globe for its beauty, texture and durability. In the recent times Indian textile has found a place in the global market and is offered in an extensive range at economic prices.

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