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School Diaries

The word diary has been derived from Latin word ‘diarium’ which means daily allowance. The concept of diaries emerged from East Asian culture, Japanese court ladies and travel journals. In the United States the k-12 educators used diaries and journals of a subject area just to motivate students.

Importance of School Diaries

School diaries are the primary object provided in each school, with the purpose of daily recording of events and observations. The school diaries are made in such a way that there remains scope of writing separate entries arranged in orders and dates. The school diaries play a vital role in a student’s life. It is used for advance recording of teacher’s remarks and other proceedings of school going child. One major role played by school diaries is that diaries keep parents informed of their ward’s performances. It is very essential for children in their academic life. Many companies actively manufacture school diaries like the ‘Ladon’ produces strong and compact diary with thick polypropylene covers.

School diaries are used for writing discreet entries. Arranged with dates, diaries are used for reporting the entire day’s work and also homework for other day. With the help of diaries it becomes easy for parents to keep a close vigil on their children. As it is really tough to understand a child’s mind the school diaries become a medium of contact with the children.

Parents cannot keep constant touch with the faculties and the ongoing school activities. Diaries act as bridge between the child and this/ her academics.The adolescent period in a child is complex and during this critical moment the school diaries provide good help to the anxious parents and thereby improve their child’s performances. Through school diaries a routine habit emerges among students. Apart from all these a child also learns to give respect to his values.