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Safety Pin

Historical Perspective:
Safety Pin originated during the 14th century B.C. at the time of ‘Mycenaeans’. In those days they were known as ‘Fibulae’. The ‘Fibulae’ were also used in the same manner as the modern safety pins are used. It is really exciting to know that the very first ‘Fibulae’ during the 13th and 14th century used to look just like the modern safety pins. The reinvention of safety pins took place in 1849 by Walter Hunt. And the right of invention was sold for 400$.Since the mid of 1970 in U.K. the punk society used safety pins in their own style by representing exact look of post war working classes. This argument was presented by Dick Hebdige.

Ancient Origin:

Safety pins are made of small metal piece. The metal which is used for making it is a combination of different metals like iron, copper, platinum, copper, gold and silver. While making Safety pins the metal are heated and then formed into different small pieces of combined metals. The experiment of making Safety pin was started one afternoon by Walter Hunt. The safety pin was not a deliberate invention by him. It happened while sitting in deep thoughts with a twisting wire for three hours. The unconscious attempt was named by Walter Hunt as safety pins. Still he did not invent it, he only improved it.

Present Scenario:

The modern style of manufacturing safety pins is completely automatized. The multi stepped manufacturing takes place with the help of specially made machines. The introduction of these machines have replaced manual labor by making the total manufacturing process more efficient, resulting in better and more productivity. Now in a single factory more than 3 million safety pins are made on a daily basis. In this way the production has raised nearly 1 billion in a year. There are many companies and factories producing safety pins world wide.