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Roller Pens

Like any ordinary pen Roller pens are the simply designed pens but having unique quality of an incredible writing. These pens are a bit thick in shape than ordinary pens and are available in plenty of designs and colors. The full sized roller pens are available both with and without clips. You can buy even mini sized rollers for keeping in pocket if you are a deliberate pocket planner. Basically all roller pens are available in black ink with fine point.

Types of Roller Pens:

Different types of roller pens are available in market. There are metallic roller ball point pens with an acrylic cap. The free ink roller tip pens are with silver finish. Roller pens are also found with stylish translucent designs. You can also buy collection of roller ball point pens in plenty of colors (red, blue and black) and with changeable refills. The diamond roller pens are very famous for its traditional shape with contemporary designs. Basically only two types of roller pens are available, one which uses a liquid ink and the other with gel ink.

Advantages of Roller Pens:

The roller pens have two basic advantages: firstly less pressure is needed to be applied while writing and it offers clean and neat writing. Secondly the roller pens are found having bright and different colored inks. Hence roller pens are pens having ball point writing mechanism with liquid and gelled ink.

The roller pens having less sticky ink are easily saturated. These qualities have given roller pens a unique distinction.

Disadvantages of Roller Pens:

Roller pens have certain disadvantages too these are; firstly due to water soluble inks the chances of smudging up of roller pens become more as water based inks take time to dry. Secondly, if written on thin paper the ink may ooze so thick papers must always be used which can prevent inking. Other point is that usually roller pens do not last long because the water based ink destroys more quickly.