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Ring Binder

The folders in which punched pieces of papers are held by clamps with the help of the holes in the paper are called ring binder. The ring binders are usually held by springs which are generally circular shaped. The ring binders are available in different sizes. The binders with different capacity and paper sizes are frequently available in market. Barbara Haydock of Guiseley states that the first ring binder is perhaps the loose leaf papyrus folder made of dried bark.

Most of the countries traditionally use either two or four hole systems for holding A4 paper sizes while only United States uses three ring system for letter size pages. For holding large amounts of paper generally the lever arch system is applicable. In memorandums and personal organizers six or seven hole system ring binders are used. The best example of this is books like Franklin Covey, Filofax, Day- Timer and Franklin Planner. Like hardback books, most of the ring binder covers are made of three pieces and produced in different styles. The materials used in ring binders largely vary. Some vinyl binders are available having a clear pouch on the outside portion especially for the cover pages. Again there are others with an inside pocket for holding loose papers, discs, business cards etc. One other style of ring binders available is the zipper binders. These zip binders hold papers firmly and prevent them from falling.

Nowadays different varieties of ring binders are available in markets which are made based on different needs. Ring binders like custom imprinted ring binders, loose leaf binders, 3 ring binders, poly binders, view binders, vision binders and portfolios, presentation folders are the available ones. The signature three ring binder is the most popular binder in history. The binder has an interior dry erase with an attractive linen spine. The binder is provided with a rubber band which keeps the papers secure from falling out. These binders are made of recycled materials.