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Pencil Pouches

Pencil pouches are the pencil containers usually made of soft or hard plastic. The primary function of pencil pouches is that they are used for storing stationary items like pencils, sharpeners, erasers, stapler, calculators and even pens. The pencil pouches are fastened with thick or thin zip. Pencil pouches are the kidsí domain. The elders love to have pencil pouches instead of pencil box as they do not look childish. Different forms, shapes and sizes of pencil pouches are available in market. The foamed pencil pouches are the most famous as they are soft and also protect pencil tips from breaking up. Several forms of pencil pouches are available in market few are discussed as follows:

Wild Print Pouches: The wild print pencil pouches are zipped pouch and found in varied jungle prints.

Barrel Pouches: The fabric barrel pouches are also very famous pencil containers. The 8 inches soft pencil cases are with loops that make binder rings.

Transparent Pouch: The transparent zipper pouch pencil containers come in attractive printed translucent forms. The translucent pencil pouches are available in varied rich colors. The zips of these pouches are provided with an extra eraser just to make it more attractive for kids. Such pencil pouches are especially popular among middle and high school students. The students like to have these translucent pouches for keeping library cards and even debit cards. The pouches are provided with trim, zips, and pull all in matching colors of pouch.

Nylon Pouch: The deluxe nylon pencil pouches are another form of vinyl pencil pouches. These pouches are made of 70 denier nylons with steel resistant grommets and PVC support. These vinyl pouches are the favorite accessories of school children. They love to fill their pouches with different attractive school stationeries. The pouches are generally three hole punched provided with a safe enclosed zip.