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Pencil Case

Office Stationery includes many things such as pens, pencils, erasers, pages, files, file covers, splitters, carbon paper, colored pen, colored pencil, desktop cardholders, drawing pads and much more. To keep all these things, there is a separate rack or drawer. Similarly, to keep all the pencils and pens at single place, a pencil case is required

Purpose of Pencil Case

We all know that office environment should be neat, clean and composed. Papers, erasers and pencils should not be scattered all over. It should have a proper place for storage. Proper storage makes the environment more appealing, especially for visitors. Similar is the usage for pencil case. A pencil case keeps all the pencils together at one place. Besides, it can also contain other office stationery items like pencil sharpener, a stapler, color pencils, ink pens or ballpoint pens, erasers and a calculator.

Different Kinds of Pencil Cases

Pencil cases are made according to its purpose. Decorated pencil cases are used by schoolchildren. These pencil cases display pictures, cartoons and other animated things. Whereas on the other hand, pencil cases used for office purposes are quite sober and restrained in their designs and patterns. Typically formal pencil cases generally display floral prints and motifs or only the company logo and signature. These are sometimes used as corporate gifts for employees’ children.

More specifically, companies use these pencil cases with corporate stamp and logo as promotional gifts to the manufacturers of office stationery products..

Different Materials Used for Making Pencil Cases
Initially, wooden pencil cases were very common among the masses. Double-story was the interesting feature of a wooden pencil case. However, these days, plastic pencil cases are very popular. Leather cases also look very elegant,they become expensive. Pencil cases with soft plastic are attached with zipper. So, we can say that different materials used for making pencil cases are plastic, wood or leather.