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Pencil Box

A pencil box also called pencil case is a container which is used to carry pencils, pens, erasers and rulers. Pencil boxes carry different stationary items like sharpeners, erasers, stapler, calculators and pencils of course. All pencil boxes are either made of hard plastic or soft ones. The soft plastic boxes are fastened with the help of zipper. Pencil box are most popular possession of school children and the decorated forms are the most popular ones. The most common example of decorated version is the ‘Hello Kitty’ pencil boxes. In the year 2005 in Manchester, England, a primary school banned the use of pencil boxes because of an associated incident happened with a nine years old student who hid a letter opener inside his box and hit fellow student with it while playing a game called “boisterous play.”

Pencil box are available in plenty of varieties and sizes. Boxes are perfect for organizing pencils, charcoals, pens erasers and ink brushes. There are pencil boxes available in market with two sides divided by a transparent divider which makes more storage capacity. The foam padded pencil boxes are very safe as they prevent the pencil points from breaking and the sharp blade tips.

Decoupage Boxes: The pencil boxes are the best for storing pens, pencils, marker pens and the crayons. The decoupaged pencil boxes can easily be made at home by taking some easily available things like, wrapping paper, glue stick, scissors, water, small pie pan, water and chocolate or cigar box.

Croft Pencil Box: The croft pencil boxes are especially made for teachers providing basic school products for poor students. The teachers take these supplies from school office and provide those to disabled students.

Wooden Pencil Box: The wooden pencil box is perhaps the most ancient pencil container. Such boxes were use to be made with intricate carved designs. When the concept of pencil box emerged, that time wooden boxes were made into pencil box. Previously only two types of wood soft and hard were used for making it but now the ply woods are also used for making pencil box.

One more form of pencil box is the leather pencil box, used mainly as desktop pen holders. These also come in plenty of designs shapes and sizes.