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Measuring Instruments

A measuring instrument is a medium of measuring certain things. Nearly all the measuring instruments have instrumental error to a certain degree. The use of measuring instruments is employed to various fields. In engineering works and physics the measurement is done for comparing the physical quantity of a body objects or events. In physical science different types of instruments are needed for measurement. The measuring range varies from ordinary objects like rulers, stopwatches, electronic microscopes and accelerators. In the progress of modern measuring instruments virtual instruments are frequently used.

Types of Measuring Instruments:

Weighing Scale: this instrument helps in measuring the weight of an object. Generally a weighing scale is used for measuring the weight of a person. In science this is used for gaining the mass of an object. It is also used in different industrial and commercial fields to know the weight of different things from loaded tractors to even feathers. Another use of it is to measure the force instead of measuring mass.

Ruler: the most common measuring instrument of which almost all of us are equally familiar. The rulers are mainly used in geometrical applications, engineering and technical drawings, to measure and rule straight lines and even to measure distance.

Thermometer: another most common measuring instrument is the thermometer. Thermometer is used for measuring temperature. The word thermometer has been derived from two Greek words thermo (heat) meter (measure).

Barometers: the barometers are used for measuring weather changes. The barometres are the most primitive weather forecast tool. In those days it was called as a storm glass or Goethe thermometer.

All measuring instruments are the medium of translating various things. These are applicable in almost all fields. Be it in the construction of a house to any other technical field the use and influence of measuring instrument is immense.