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Letter Opener

One of the most important office stationery includes letter opener. In offices and other business organization, executives and human resource department heavily work with pages, letter pads, document pads, envelopes, mails and varied other writing documents. For opening these pages, specifically mails, letter opener is required. It is the most important tool and instrument for office work. Besides, educational institutions also make use of these letter openers.

Information on Letter Opener

Letter opener, usually used to separate the pages of a large sheet of paper, is also known as paper knife. It is, indeed, a sharp knife-like object. Typically, when writing documents are purchases, they are uncut. Hence, to cut and slit them, letter opener is needed.

Also known as slitter or envelope opener, these openers have strength to handle a greater volume of envelopes and letterheads. Though blades are also sharp enough to separate pages, but due to its poor grip, it can damage pages and envelopes. Hence, specific letter openers are used to provide perfect slit and smooth edges. Traditional letter openers can also be used as dangerous tools for assault or sometimes even for self-defense.

Use of Letter Opener

These days, automatic letter openers are available in the market. These slitters automatically feed envelopes and open them. Besides, this opener also piles them neatly further dealings. With the help of slitters, the work becomes easier and comfortable.

It also saves time, energy and money. Moreover, it reduces the manual labor too. Hence, an ideal instrument or tool for any organization is letter opener specifically for those business houses that operate in large amounts of mail and paper such as publishing and printing houses.

Speed of Letter Opener
Speed of letter opener refers to the rate at which the motor is able to operate and slit the mails or pages. It is generally recommended that the machine should be operated according to its duty cycle. It should never be used for excessive hours for it will result in its wear and tear and reduce its strength and durability.