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Ink Pens

A pen is a writing tool. It uses ink for writing purposes. In fact, ink and pens are just like two sides of the same coin. Both are incomplete without each other. Generally, a pen uses ink for writing or drawing purposes. Therefore, pens are known as ink pens. Sometimes, these are also known as fountain pens. It can also be used for calligraphy and fine writing.

About Ink Pens

Initially, architects used ink pens for illustrations of new buildings. However, recently ink pens have been replaced by computer visualizations and graphics. But still, people make use of ink pens and fountain pens for writing and drawing. It is believed by many that ink pen offers effortless and free-flowing writing. It is also refillable. Moreover, it also provides range of colored writing with red, black and blue ink.

Ballpoint pens were not extensively used. Everyone felt that ballpoint pens are ‘insensitive instruments’. It was considered coarse and uneven for writing. Moreover, the writing was very poor with ballpoint pens. On the other hand ink pens were highly appreciated and purchased at large. Sometimes, to avoid spill-hazard, people did use ballpoint pens.

Ink Gel Pens

The hazard of ink spilling and blotting the paper was very quickly erased with the invention of gel ink pens. The gel pens use thick consistency of the ink. These pens offer thin writing. Even though similar to ballpoint pen, this pen offers smoothness and flair in writing. The most striking feature of this pen is that it can be used in the outer space and low gravitation places. India ink, which is carbon black pigment based is just like gel ink.

Ink Pen Industry The ink pen industry is a booming industry with production increasing every year. There are various renowned ink pen industries producing fantastic ink pens. These are:
  • Parker Company
  • Swisher pens
  • Cartier
  • Mont Blanc
  • Pilot
  • Krone
So, purchase some of the finest ink pens and make your writing ‘mightier than sword’.