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Ink Coders

Office Stationery includes many utility things such as diaries, pens, pencils, penholders, file folders, notepads, note blocks and many more such items. It also includes items like ink coders, measuring instruments, letter opener, letter paper sets and varied kind of pens. So, if you want to know about different office stationery and its usage, you have come to right website.

About Ink Coders

Ink coders are kind of printers. Basically, they are used for coding, printing and labeling on all flexible films, labels and cartons. The general characteristics of ink coder are: It offers quality text, graphics and barcodes.
  • Highly used in the malls and supermarket for printing barcodes.
  • It offers huge ink capacity at a time.
  • It occupies less space since it is designed in a condensed manner.
  • It easily fits onto existing conveyor system or case taper.
  • It offers printing area measuring 16x35x70 mm.
  • It also offers full network capability.
  • Some ink coders are really simple, clean and extremely hygienic
  • Due to its hygienic quality, it is suitable for pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Generally, for non-porous surface such as metal, plastic, glass, rubber, waxed and varnished cartons, a dye-based ink is required. This ink dries quickly and offers quality ink coding.
Types of Ink Coders

The kind of ink coder depends upon the kind of characters required for printing or for encoding barcode. On the basis of character, ink coders are two types:
  • Small Character Ink-Jet Coders: this coder prints legible marks at high line speed. This also offers inks that are fast drying. In this kind of ink coders, there are various series such as 4800 and 6200 series. Both these series are water-resistant, and they offer protection against dust particles.
  • Large Character Ink-Jet Coder: It uses both porous and non-porous ink. It uses around 110 volt to 60-hertz power.
The two most leading ink coder companies are Bell-Mark Corporation and Dale Mark Industries. Both are leading companies in the sphere of manufacturing and integrating of coding, marking and printing. Bell-Mark uses in coding in the meat, medical device, pharmaceutical, prepared foods, bakery, dairy and poultry packaging industries; whereas, Dale Mark industries uses ink coding for the packaging and converting industries.

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