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Gold Plated Pen

Gold plated pen is the ultimate expression of the pen maker's art. Nowadays in the market you can find the cap, container and nib of a fountain pen made of gold plating. Gold is considered as the best metal for its resistance to decay, as the inks of fountain pen tend to be somewhat acidic. These gold plated pens can be proud addition to your office table. This is a perfect accessory for the desk, with office supplies which can add style and grace to any desk.

Gold Plated Pen as a Gift Object:

These unique pens are available in a wide range of styles and designs. These gold plated pens can be an excellent gifting option for individuals and corporate people. These gold plated beautiful pens often created out of some of the semi precious stone blocks, and ornamented with 23 carat gold-plated parts presented in handsome wooden box can be a great gift for your beloved one in any special occasion. Gold finish of these pens features the optimum combination of elegance and strength. As these gold plated pens are made of precious & expensive gold metal, the price ranges of these pens are very high.

Varied Gold Plated Pens:

These gold plated pens blend the classic design with distinctive and captivating new looks. In the market you can find these gold plated gel pens with an international standard-sized 1mm jotter refill. You can find many of them as an individual piece and no two pens are similar. These gold plated pens are as unique as an individual, as a signature. In the market you can find varied kinds of gold plated pens. Such as,
  • Ballpoint Gold plated pens,
  • Roller gold plated pens and
  • Fountain gold plated pens.
Manufacturers of Gold Plated Pens:
There are various world famous gold plated pen making companies. Names of few of these companies are mention below:
  • Federico Fellini,
  • Parker,
  • Kreisler,
  • Cross Century II and many more.