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Geometry Set

Geometry emerged as the field of knowledge that is concerned with spatial relationships. In the earlier disciplines of mathematics, Geometry was one of the two fields, and the other being the study of numbers. Classically, geometry focused on compass and straight-edge constructions, later it was considered as algebra, and in modern times, geometric concepts have been further extended. Geometry now includes the methods of calculus and abstract algebra, and with that it has become distinguishable from early geometry. A geometry set box is designed specifically for the use in science, geometry, trigonometry, mechanical drawing, physics, etc

Basics Instruments such as,

  • A compass,
  • A protractor,
  • A scale,
  • 90 degree set-square,
  • 60/30 degree set-square,
  • A 45 triangle, and
  • A 60 triangle in a single case.
In the market you can find two sizes of these geometry boxes. The small set includes a 4" that is 10 cm protractor, and the large set includes a 6" that is 15 cm protractor. The uses of some geometry set instruments are discussed below:

Compass as Geometry Set Instrument:

A compass is an instrument with finely engraved proportional measuring qualities which is highly based on the model devised by Galileo. The legs of this geometry set instrument called compass have various measurement scales, such as arithmetical scale, geometrical scale, stereo metric scale, and metal scale. The instrument compass is designed to accommodate a quadrant arc with a degree scale, a shadow square, and a scale of slopes.

Protector as Geometry Set Instrument:
A protractor is an instrument that allows you to measure an angle or construct an angle of a given measure. Protractors usually have two sets of numbers going in opposite directions.

Scale as Geometry Set Instrument:
A scale is an instrument in your geometry set, which is basically used to draw horizontal and vertical lines.