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Gel Pen

Gel pen is basically a writing tool which is actually a gel inked ballpoint pen. These gel writing tools are mainly used for fine line thin writing pattern. It can also be used for coloring small areas in a specific color. In the market you can find gel pens in many different sizes and in a huge variety of colors. Such as Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Brown,Yellow, Gold, Silver, Orange, Green and many more.

Types of Coloration:

In the market you can find several different styles of coloration. Such as,
The normal style of coloration includes ordinary colors like Black, Blue, Red and Green.
In this style insoluble as well as durable coloring material are used like dyes, carbon black, or iron oxides.
In this style powdered aluminium is used as the preservative. The color range includes the metallic versions of the normal colors including Gold, Silver and Bronze.
This kind of gel pen inks are colors with glitter added to them. The main reason behind this is to give a sparkly effect.
In these category different coolers mixed together in the ink to for an interesting effect of ink color. These usually use pastel colors.

Minus Points of Gel Pens:

If you are planning to use a gel pen then be ready for a random cease of ink flow, especially in the case of color gel pens. You may find it extremely hard to write with these gel pens on one sheet of paper on a hard desk. These gel pens have a very short life span even in the presence of ink in the sealed unit. The nib-head of the gel pen dries up quickly. These kinds of pens have a very sensitive writing head which is easily broken.

Varied Gel Pens:
Based on the details of the nib of a gel pen, these pens can be divided into several categories. There are different sizes of nibs, ranging from 0.5 mm to 1.5mm. There are also perfumed ink variations, like
  • Chocolate,
  • Strawberry,
  • Mint,
  • Vanilla and
  • Coffee.