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Colored Pencils

A colored pencil is a tool generally used to draw and to write usually the drawing or the writing is done on a piece of paper. The pencil filled with color is usually covered by a wooden sheath. The colored pencils like the graphite ones are not attached with rubber to one end and unlike graphite pencils, colored pencils do not leave the scope of erasing. Colored pencils are very smooth to draw than the crayons and they are easy to sharpen up. Always choose those types of colored pencils which you are comfortable with .

Tips To Follow While Buying:

  • Colored pencils are a mixture of crayons and pencils. From outside the colored pencils look like a normal graphite pencil, but while using they color like crayons. Colored pencils are easily erasable and sharpened.
  • When you are buying pencils for your little ones check that they come in packages of 12 to 50 pencils.
  • Among the colored pencils the Crayola has good range of colored pencils. Also the Crayola pencils are found in affordable prices unlike other brands.
  • Before buying colored pencils be sure that they come in several shapes. The Ferby makes colored pencils of 12 packs. They are designed for easy grip by the children. Crayola provides watercolor pencils with brush around $1.50. While using, the artists first draw and then brush with water to bring a watercolor painting.
  • Do not buy in hurry and be conscious that you are purchasing quality art pencils. Buy art quality colored pencils; like you can buy the 12 pack of memory pencils made by EK Success. The memory pack pencils are acid free and photo safe. They are also used for their archival quality.
  • While buying colored pencils notice that the pencils are available in 12 pack of skin toned colored pencils. The drawings from these pencils effectively depict human skin shades.
  • It is wise to buy a coloring book and other art products while buying colored pencils especially when you are gifting it to some one.
  • Many types of colored pencils are available in market but some types are there which are not properly dissolved with the solvent… the Verithin pencils are one such type which are clay based. There is also wax color pencils used especially for drawing fine arts.