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A manually crafted specimen displaying beautiful artistic features and serving a specific purpose is known to be a sculpture. Sculptures old and new are the symbols of traditions and culture of any nation or a geographical entity. These artistic forays are in more than one ways real identity of a particular region or a particular group of people in a particular span of time. They also tell us about the development in the skills, tools and techniques and overall about development of art and culture of any civilization.

Since the genesis of first civilization of world man has been exploring his creative yearning. Consequently our surroundings are abound with numerous artistic handiworks. Beautiful bronze craft of Harappa are understood to be the world’s earliest bronze carvings. Indus Valley civilization and many other ancient civilizations have enough testimonies to manifest the cumulative interest of man in sculptures. Ancient man made his earliest foray in making earthenwares, then he tried his hands in wood, stone and metals and so on. Gradually various sculptures were crafted.

Religious affiliation was a reason, which affirmed the devotion of making sculpture.. In India the spread of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism led to a great progress in making of sculptures. The evolution of Mahayana Buddhism was a reason that infused a new notion of worship of Buddha as a God in human form. Consequently a flurry of statue making art came in to the picture viz. Mathura School of Art, Gandhara School of Art, Amaravati school of Art all specializing in Buddha statues.

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  • Numerous statues were made in these unique styles. These schools of art got a big boost because of the patronage they enjoyed under different kings like Kanishka and several Indo-Greek ones. The carving of many beautiful caves and their transformation in to stupas, chaityas and viharas was also a great development in the field of sculpture making. This was also the testimony of the development of art and crafts and the skilled artisans. Interestingly during Mauryas, an organized work of sculpture making took place with the establishment of many guilds that looked after the interests of these sculptors and their whole involvement with truly professional demeanors. The patronage of Guptas affected the making of idols of Hindu gods in particular and other statues in general. Sculptures are the best medium to express out one’s creativity and in all around the globe creative people have been expressing out in the form of uniquely crafted sculptures. In the temples all around the world and in other important monuments numerous pieces of sculptures were attached giving them a sublime and aesthetic touch. In the sculptures of Post Gupta period there was an influence of mannerism and classicism along with Hellenistic or possibly even Greco-Roman.