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Throwing Pottery

Throwing in pottery refers to a machine used for crudely shaping the earthenware by the potter’s hands. The work is done from clay mass by rapidly revolving on a table or a disk carried by an erect spindle called a potter's wheel. By throwing pottery we can understand that it is a mechanism used to form a shape roughly by hands or by throwing engine. Even the potter’s wheel is also used for the practice.

The art of pottery throwing has not changed much over the centuries. The complete process of pottery throwing involves basic three methods which are discussed as follows; Pottery is thrown from a clay ball which is placed at the center point of the wheel head. Then it is centered to a perfectly proportional lump of clay before throwing into different shapes. This method is the much used method of throwing. Other than this another method ‘bat', is also very useful where the clay can also be centered on a removable wheel head removing the thrown pot from the wheel. The thrown pot is then kept for drying and for trimming and turning also. In the throwing pottery, the vessels are thrown from the lump which is a large clay cone, centered on the wheel and the lump of clay is drawn from the cone in order to form consecutive separate pots. These separate pots are then removed from the lump. This method has resulted in fast production of small pieces but is not equally applicable for making large jugs.
pottery pottery pottery pottery

For making large pieces of containers, jugs and jars, ‘coil’ and ‘throw’ techniques are very common. In this technique the vessel’s bottom is beaten out on the wheel head and is thrown in such a way so that it can go very far. When it reaches the desired height further sausage is applied on it. The products made by following this method are mixture of throwing and hand forming. In the throwing pottery the throwing rib is an important potter’s tool. It is generally a smooth and flat hardwood piece fitted in hand having one curved and one erect border but both are very sharply finished.

pottery pottery pottery pottery