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Teapot Pottery

A tea pot is a vessel used for brewing the tea leaves either with hot or boiling water. All teapots have a top opening with a lid where tea and water is added. There is also a spout from where the liquid tea is poured in a vessel.

Historical Perspective:

The teapot pottery has its long history. It derived from the wine pots and ceramic kettles which was an outcome of thousand year’s back Chinese culture. On those days the teapot potteries were made of bronze and certain other materials. One ancient reference of teapot pottery which has still managed to survive is the Flagstaff House Teaware Museum. This particular teapot was made up of Yixing clay by Gongchun around 1513. Hence Gongchun is considered as father of Yixing clay teapot.

The Carters Teapot Pottery:
The Carters Teapot pottery located in the village of Debenham is very famous for producing quality teapots. This unique pottery has fine collection of some renowned teapots especially handmade and painted. The highly skilled pieces of pottery have become important trade business. Over 70% of products are exported world wide.

Contemporary Teapot Pottery:
In every modern society using tea pot is considered as a polished way of serving tea. Different decorated and finely designed materials are available all around the world. People love to keep large collection of potteries in their home. A teapot pottery has not only functional role but also certain other roles too. These are nice gift item and can be presented on several occasions like anniversary, housewarming etc.
pottery pottery pottery pottery

Pottery Care: It is very important to take proper care of your products if you wish for its durability. Especially when you are using a crockery range you must handle it with good care as the materials are very soft and a bit of ignorance can result in great distress for the piece you love most. When you are using teapot which goes directly on the burner follow some special instructions. A kettle is used for boiling water whereas a pot is used for serving and steeping tea. Always take the pot to the kettle and not the kettle to the pot. This will prevent sweltering.

pottery pottery pottery pottery