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Studio Pottery

Historical Perspective:
A studio pottery is made by an artist either working individually or working in groups. As a studio pottery work the potters produce unique pottery items in small quantities. Table ware and cookware are considered a major pottery work. But with the rapid increase in the number of studio potters even non functional and sculptural items are also produced as a part of studio work. The studio potters prefer to be called themselves as ceramicists, ceramic artists or artists. Studio pottery is never centralized it was represented by the potters from every corner of world. But still we must say that the art is deeply rooted in Britain.

British Studio Pottery:

The British studio pottery is very famous. The ‘Craft potter’s Association’ in U.K. is the major representative body of studio pottery. The British studio pottery art was introduced in the 20th century by Dora Billington, Bernard Leach, Hans Coper and Lucie Rie. In the British studio pottery the ethical pot style developed by Bernard Leach is completely dominant.

Studio Gallery:

You can see ceramic pottery work in different art galleries but as the studio pottery art is entirely new, it can only be seen in few major art galleries of world. Even these galleries have a limited amount of studio pottery works. Some major studio art galleries which display the studio pottery work are listed as follows:

  • Victoria and Albert Museum

  • Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

  • Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts

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    Famous Studio Potters:

    here are thousands of potters all over the world. Since the studio pottery art is a new art style, the studio potters are still less in number. But there is rapid increase in the artisans following studio art. Some famous names in the field of studio art is like, Bennett Bean, Rudy Autio, Dora Billington, Alison Briton, Michael Casson, Lean Castle, Hans Coper, Mark Hewitt, Bernard Leach, Edwin Scheier, Richard Slee, Julian Stair and others are very famous.

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