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Royal Pottery

Something that is made up of clay is known as pottery. Royal pottery refers to pottery that is really majestic and imperial. Pottery is an age-old art of making earthenware and utensils that is both functional and ornate. Royal pottery such as Gravettian ceramic figurines, found at Czech Republic bears evidence to the fact that pottery was known to masses even when there was no background or history for it. In fact, the earliest Jomon period pottery is also royal pottery for it depicted quality, matchless pattern, finish and refinement. Moreover, it set the standards for pottery making and producing exquisite pieces of art.

Indian Pottery
The diverse land of India is very famous for its pottery making. Indeed, India is a country of royal pottery. The terracotta of West Bengal and blue pottery of Rajasthan is unparalleled art. With the help of wheels, skilled craftsmen produced varied kinds of stylized pottery that depict unique and sophisticated design and pattern. Seasoned and accomplished potters make flowerpots, vases, coffee mugs and night lamps out of ceramic. Indeed, Indian ceramic pottery is the most passionate art.

European Royal Pottery
Another finest example of royal pottery is the one descending from European countries. Varied earthenware made with ceramics, clay or porcelain is just perfect for utilitarian purposes and for ornamentation. These royal potteries were fired at low temperatures. Some specimen of European royal pottery is:
  • The French Faience, which is glazed with opaque colors;
  • Italian Maiolica, which is highly embellished piece of earthenware or utensils glazed with tin oxide
  • Delft that is a white and blue colored stylized ware.
pottery pottery pottery pottery

Present Scenario:
Bali in Indonesia is rich in producing glazed ceramic pottery. Bali pottery is world wide famous and the small island supplies wholesale pottery product to the international market. Another country famous for producing glazed ceramic products is Vietnam. Of course we cannot forget about China while talking about ceramic products. The Chinese glazed ceramic pottery is no doubt famous and it plays an important role in the international market. In modern dish garden arrangement the glazed ceramic pottery plays a vital role. Today generally the products available in the category of glazed ceramic pottery are glazed outdoor pottery pot, glazed ceramic flower pots, glazed ceramic bonsai pots, orchid glazed ceramic pots and many others. Another modern use of glazed ceramic pottery is used in glazed ceramic tiles. This quality of decorative tiles is a popular choice of decorating walls, cabinets and windows. The glazed pottery tiles are frequently used in bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen and even gardens and lounges.

pottery pottery pottery pottery