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Pottery Ware

Pottery ware is making of pots using any medium by potters. The term has its wide meanings too. In general it means a wide range of ceramic products including earthenware, porcelain and stoneware. The place where these pottery wares are made is called potteries. A pottery ware is made with the help of a clay mass which is given different shapes for different objects. The objects are then heated on a high temperature in a pottery kiln to make the ware harder. It is shaped and sized and made stronger. A final product of ware is determined by the use of clay that the potters use. The change is also found due to the regional variations in the properties of clay used by the potter. Due to this the ware that are produced are different in their appearance and character.

Ancient Pottery Ware
It has been found that the ancient pottery wares were handmade and fired in bonfires. Though the firing times of these pottery wares were short but the high temperatures (900 degrees Celsius) was achieved quickly. In the Mediterranean regions and during the Greek ages the potters used to decorate pottery wares with some geometric designs like squares, circles and lines to decorate pottery pieces like amphoras and others.

Varied Pottery Ware
A pottery ware is a decorative or useful piece made from baked clay. Pottery ware includes wide range of products like vases, dinnerwares and other simple and daily use household items. A pottery ware is divided into three major types; these are earthenware, stoneware and porcelain.
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Among all these types the porcelain wares are the most pure and most delicate type of pottery ware. In modern scenario a pottery ware is a most generic term since it can be compose from different materials. There are 400 recognized types of it.

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