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Pottery Vases

We all are aware of the fact that vases are used to hold the beautiful and elegant flowers. These vases are made up of glass or porcelain. Vases that are made up of porcelain are known as pottery vases. Adorn your verandah, patio or center table with collection of these pottery vases. Pave way for these vases and watch your home turn into a garden full of fragrant flowers.

Parts of Pottery Vases
A perfect jar to carry flowers from garden to your room is a vase. The pottery vases are available with or without handles. Generally, a vase has segregated parts of its body. These are:
  • Foot—Beginning from base, lowest part of the vase is known as foot. Any vase would rest on its foot. If the foot is flattened, only then the vase can stand. Otherwise, if the foot is rounded, then the vase requires a separate iron stand.
  • Body—this is the most prominent portion of the vase. Indeed, body is the bulging part of the vase.
  • Shoulder—The above portion of the body is known as shoulder. Here the body of the vase curves towards inside.
  • Neck—This portion of the vase provides height to the vase.
  • Lip—The final outlet of the vase is the lip.
pottery pottery pottery pottery

Specimen of Some Fine Pottery Vases

Pre-historic Peru Vases:
These vases display different hues and depict the old Inca perceptions. Inca Empire is situated deep into the Peruvian Andes. All these vases tell different stories. Moreover, artisans try to paint the history of the country onto these colorful vases. Made out of ceramic, these vases are perfect embellishment for any room. It would definitely enhance the essence of other decorations. Indeed, these vases combine the mystery of both the earth and water.
Ireland Vases:
You will definitely love the creativity, imagination and artwork by the artisans to create the unique pieces of Ireland pottery vases. It is perfect to give a new dimension to your living room through the beautiful, vibrant and colorful flowers. These vases are lead free, dishwasher safe and are hand made. Even these are painted to give a more colorful look.

pottery pottery pottery pottery