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Pottery Pitcher

The term pottery pitcher means earthenware for storing water. The purpose is to keep water cold. The similar meaning of pottery pitcher is Majolica. Actually Majolica is earthenware with white tin glaze which is decorated by applying different colors on the unrefined surface. The surface of a pottery pitcher is polished, and sometimes painted too, to make a decorated piece. Pottery pitchers are not only used for its functional value but also for its decorative property. Every modern house loves to have pottery pitcher in their home as it serves as a nice decorative article. Pottery pitchers that are nicely decorated and colored are highly appreciated as objects for home décor. There are various types of pottery pitcher available in market with different purposes but only few are discussed here:

Easy Family Pottery Painting Project:
Medical Pitcher:
Though it is surprising to hear but there are pitchers available in market like medical pitcher. The pottery pitcher with medical symbol for American dental association is a nice item for a Dental or Medical collector. The medical pitcher is available in beautiful shape without any mark of damage. The pitcher has several bubbles and pits and this makes it more comfortable to use.

Danish Pottery Pitcher:
Danish or modern pottery pitcher is a colorful and stripped German twilight pottery pitcher. It looks very elegant as well as decorative. The graduated and colored circles encircle the entire piece making it unique in its quality.
pottery pottery pottery pottery

Vintage Pottery Pitcher:
In the category of vintage pottery pitcher the Fulper Large vase, with a frothy brown getup, is very famous. This elegant old vase was found in an estate. The pot has a beautiful mirrored frothy browns and blues flambé glaze. The pitcher is still in a promising condition without any chips, chiggers, cracks or even repairs. The pitcher has two original labels at the bottom portion. It is 10-3/4" tall and nearly 5-1/4" across the widest part, 2-1/4" neck.

pottery pottery pottery pottery