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Pottery Paint

When color is employed to the surface of a pottery, this action is termed as pottery painting art. Effectively, color is the soul of painting which produces different psychological effects on the viewers. Besides adding color, pottery painting involves
  • Gestating
  • Sketching.

  • Easy Family Pottery Painting Project:
    On your own you can dress up an ordinary pottery piece to a classic one by simply painting them. Pottery painting can be a fun activity for your whole family, especially children. For that you should buy plain pottery pieces. You can also use your old pottery items of your home which have become dull and discolored. Firstly you have to squeeze two or more small tubes of paint on a plate, and then drop a marble into each color. Now you have to roll the marbles around to carefully coat them with paint. It will be easier to you if you take a pottery plate to paint in this way.

    Now you drop these color coated marbles on the surface of a pottery plate and roll them around to create a unique design. In this project firing painted pottery items are not necessary. In the market you can find out many paints that can be dried in a standard kitchen oven. Before buying a pottery for painting first you make sure the pottery is oven-proof or not. Always let the pottery painting be air dried for 24 hours before baking in the oven. But one thing that you should keep in mind that if the pottery plate are going to be used to serve food, first make sure to use a paint that is safe for food.
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    Pottery Painting Utensils:
    You donít need to buy specific brushes to paint designs on pottery. You can use a plain watercolor brush or even a cotton dab to apply paints. You can use old kitchen sponges to make designs of pottery paintings as sponges also make great utensils for creating fascinating patterns. For making these pottery paintings you have ample options to be creative. For instance, you can use a pencil eraser to make a colorful polka-dot design on these pottery painting surfaces.

    pottery pottery pottery pottery