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Pottery Mugs

Bring elegance and style home or in your office with pottery mugs. Besides being an excellent piece of decoration, these mugs are useful too. Initially, the only use of these mugs was for tea or coffee. However, these days, these pottery mugs are used for shaving as well as for serving beer and other cocktail drinks. These mugs are so exquisitely designed and painted that sometimes they become the conversation starters in the house.

Different Kinds of Pottery Mugs
Pottery mugs are generally made of clay and ceramic. The process of making pottery mugs is also the same as for any other pottery item. Basically, it is hand made on the potterís wheel. Pottery mugs can be used for decoration or for utilitarian purpose. However, it entirely depends upon the person how he wants to use the mug. Generally, pottery mugs can be divided on the basis of design and theme. Some of the common pottery mugs are:

  • Wine Mugs
  • Shaving mugs
  • Animal Mugs
  • Face Mugs
  • Large Mugs
  • Multi-colored Mugs Personalized Pottery Mugs
    Pottery mugs with personal signature or mark on it make for excellent gift item. You can get it embossed with the recipientís name or with personal messages. You can give these special personalized mugs to your loved ones on any special occasion like birthdays,
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    anniversaries, to new grads or to elders. In fact, executives and other corporate people also use pottery mugs as corporate gifts and souvenirs. These mugs are engraved with companyís logo and name. Sometimes the directors of the company also sign these mugs. Besides, hand painted mugs look elegant and beautiful too. These mugs are painted with wide array of designs and themes. Some of the popular kinds of pottery mugs are:

  • Multi Glaze Mini Mug
  • Rainbow Colored Mug
  • Mug with Blue Pecan
  • Green and Brown Clay Mug
  • Honeysuckle Painted Twisted Pottery Mug
  • Kitty and Cat in Blue and White Mug
  • Puppy and Dog Pottery Mugs

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