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Pottery Kiln

Pottery kiln is a thermally insulated chamber or oven for producing controlled temperature regimes. The pottery kilns are used to make materials hard, dry or burn. When the pottery clay is properly molded it is subjected to firing process. This firing is done in pottery kiln. The kiln is like an oven whose temperature can be controlled for producing desired effect. The final pottery product is the result of the temperature on which that particular piece was kept for firing. After getting proper heat the clay objects become hard. Actually the heat of the pottery kiln makes the clay particles to become completely solid.

Common Uses: Though there are plenty of uses of a kiln but only some specific uses are discussed here. These are:

  • Used for drying lumber in order to take the lumber in use immediately.
  • Heating the wood at pyrolysis point for producing charcoal.
  • Even used for cremation at high temperature.
  • Used for annealing, fusing and deforming the glass products.
  • It is used for drying wood and use in firewood.
  • Another common use is for drying of tobacco leaves.
  • Drying the malted barley.
  • Used for firing certain materials to form different ceramic materials.

    There are different types of pottery kiln used for firing pottery. Some of the types are discussed as follows;

    pottery pottery pottery pottery

    Traditional Kiln: A traditional kiln is a trench dug in the earth and filled with fuel and pots.

    Bottle Kiln: The bottle kiln is a coal fired kiln surrounded of a brick cone.

    Anagama Kiln: The Anagama kiln is an ancient kiln of Japan which basically has a long tunnel with a firing box at one end and a chimney type of thing at the other end.

    Electric Kiln: A pottery kiln is very easy to use. The electric kilns are either front loading or top loading. It could either be sectional or a single pieced kiln. Electric kilns are available in several shapes, heights and cross sections to serve the potters’ needs. These are found often with a safety vent.

    Industrial Pottery Kiln: This type of pottery kilns mostly use natural gas. Such kilns are made with sophisticated temperatures and rate of cooling controls.

    pottery pottery pottery pottery