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Pottery Glazes

Pottery glaze refers to the polishing and coloring of the potteries. It gives sheen and shimmer to the otherwise earthen pottery. The sandy and dusky look gets total makeover with pottery glazes. It brings liveliness to the surface of the pottery.

Different Kinds of Glazes

There are different kinds of glazes used for potteries. These are available in the general stores or in the pottery shops. Though, there are many glazes for potteries, but some are mentioned here. These are:

  • Antique glaze
  • Garden glaze
  • Crystal
  • Crystal II
  • Pottery Crystal Glaze
  • Specialty glaze
  • Fun Stroke Fleckles glaze

  • Pottery Figurines as Gifts Fun Stroke Fleckles glaze include white under glaze with red and blue flecks, white with yellow, green and peach flecks and pink with bright pink flecks.

    Antique glaze - these kinds of colors create frost like appearance on the potteries. However, this kind of glaze entirely depends upon three things:
  • Contour of the pottery
  • Application of the glaze
  • Firing of the glaze

    pottery pottery pottery pottery

    Garden GlazeóIt is a durable glaze. It is used for both interior as well as exterior appearances. Available in variety of hues, this glaze provides rusted and matted look. Besides, offering a withered and aged look is also a characteristic of this glaze. It can be used in single color or in combination of colors. Singularly, this glaze gives two-toned effects with matte finish and in combination, there evolves innumerable color combinations.

    Crystal glazeóIt offers artistic look to the pottery. It forms and grows in the molten glazes and the crystal pieces cooled in the kiln. Each piece of crystal provides excellent shine to the pottery. Though these potteries are highly decorative, they are equally useful.

    Specialty Glazeóthis type of glaze is non-toxic glaze. This is specially formulated for dinnerware potteries. It provides cracked or textured surfaces to potteries.

    pottery pottery pottery pottery