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Pottery Dishes

Organize your home or office party celebration by serving dinner in pottery dishes. The guest will definitely enjoy the artistic beauty and intricate designs of the dishes while having their delicious food. Nothing would stop them from talking about the fine pottery work and about the finest potters of the world. So, gear up to set the table with different collection of pottery dishes around the world.

About Pottery Dishes

Pottery dishes refer to those dishes that are made with clay or ceramic. These dishes are both functional and ornate. Some of the beautiful and sophisticated pottery dishes are: Vegetable dish Strawberry, Dish and Plate, Lattice Fruit Dish, Large Leaf Dish, Devon Dish, Covered Rose Dish, Butter Dish, Butter Tub and Small Fruit Plate, Candy Dish, Bonbon Dish

Characteristics of Pottery Dishes

Pottery dishes have become very popular among masses. People, generally, prefer clay and ceramic dishes to steel and glass ones. The skilled craftsmanship and the artwork would be gazed for hours. Indeed, clay and ceramic pottery dishes also had other advantages to other utensils or dishes. Some of the characteristic features of pottery dishes are:
pottery pottery pottery pottery

  • It can be used in oven.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Microwave safe.
  • It is hand made.
  • It is safe for storing food.
  • It is FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) approved.
  • It is used for serving food as well as for decoration.

    Patterns of Pottery Dishes

    Collection of pottery dishes can range from cookware to dinnerware to teapot sets. Patterns and designs of pottery dishes can be varied. In fact, it is dependent on the individual liking of the potter. Some of the popular designs of pottery dishes can be:
  • Cherub Doll
  • Cobalt Blue Floral Prints
  • Animal Print
  • Geometric Print
  • Designs from India
  • Chinese Design
  • Hawaiian Design

    pottery pottery pottery pottery