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Pottery Designs

Ancient Pottery Designs:

Various designs of pottery making have been in practice all over the world since very long time. Previously the potteries were simply made but with gradual change in the growing aesthetic sense, potteries began to be much decorated and designed. Many books were also written on the concept of pottery designs. These books contain more than thousand examples on pottery designs and motifs. Previously most potteries were designed in black and white and some with the combination of both white and dark red. Different images have been found with the flow of time the painting of pocket watch on pottery, intricate designed potteries and the Mediterranean beast shaped jug pottery of around 600 B.C. Potteries were also designed taking inspiration from floral designs. Flowers and leaves were generally used on the potteries as a part of natural beauty. Then came the carved pottery. The Mughal period became much famous for carving on potteries.

Indian Pottery Designs: Indian pottery is also very famous for its decorative design patterns. Many decorative designs were used in on Indian pots. Each design had its own meaning. The Indians did not use sacred traditions, ceremonial rituals, or symbols from earliest times. Previously the Indian tribes used to design the potteries on the basis of nature and natural sources like birds, animals, humans and even gods as a part of pottery designs. Many pottery designs also feature different paintings on potteries like horse paintings, fish patterns, flower patterns and images of gods and goddesses.
pottery pottery pottery pottery
Modern Pottery Designs:

The modern method of pottery design is widely vibrant. Now potteries are designed in much different way though there always remains a touch of traditionality. In modern pottery designs the use of flowers and floral touch is very common. Another strong feature is the application of fruits on pottery. Nowadays the use of pottery as a major component of home decor is very common. Every modern house loves to deck every corner of their home with some exclusive pieces of pottery designs.

pottery pottery pottery pottery