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Pottery Classes

To be completely competent and skilled in different techniques of pottery like preparing, molding, decorating and throwing, attending good pottery classes is very important. For those who are enthusiastic art lovers and have growing interest in pottery making attending proper pottery classes becomes utmost important. Pottery classes help in detail understanding of the different features of pottery. After attending these classes, once when you achieve perfection on the basics, the creative and imaginative power of a learner becomes more appropriate. Pottery classes can help you in different ways. Some of the major reasons of why to attend pottery class and what advantages one can get by attending these classes are discussed as follows:

Advantages of Pottery Classes:

  • Pottery classes help you in understanding the method of how to prepare clay for pottery. From these classes you come to know about the major characteristics of good clay and even learn the proper selection of clay for pottery work.

  • Next you learn about the potter’s wheel. You understand your proper selection and select only that which matches your need.

  • Pottery classes teach you the art of throwing pot. You also learn the art of molding clay just with the help of your hands.

  • Pottery lessons also help you in understanding the method of operating a kiln. Also you learn the skill of temperature control by understanding the effects achieved at different temperature on pottery.

  • The classes help you in knowing the art of using different pottery tools according to different needs.
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  • Also by attending these classes you are introduced to the ideas of several techniques of pottery decorations. The techniques like pottery paint, pottery glazes, engraving, carving and others are primarily introduced.

  • Through pottery classes you also learn different methods of applying paint and glazes on pottery. The basic methods like spraying, brushing, dibbling, pouring are generally taught.

  • Another great advantage of attending pottery classes is that you learn about using intricate designs on pottery which includes modification of shapes on the wheel. These designs are created by applying proper pressure at the right points.

  • The pottery classes conducted help learners at different stages of learning the pottery art. There are classes held for amateurs, children, and for skilled artisans. A pottery class can be purely practical or based on both practical and hand work types.

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