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Pottery Books

Pottery is an art of making different ceramic wares including earthenware, porcelain and stoneware. Actually pottery is clay that is used for making different glazed or finished decorative objects. From time to time different books have been written on the concept of pottery making. These books beside providing detailed information about the art tell all about the use of the art form in different culture. Thus they also become a source of cultural unity with the medium of art. With the help of these books you can learn how to make molds by choosing the right clay and glaze. Here’s a reference to few books which have been written on the concept of pottery making:

The Sculpting Clay: The book “sculpting clay” is a book having 190 pages describing vividly the art of pottery. It gives several tips that describe approaches to work with clay like fired clays, non fired clays, coil construction, making slabs, hand forming etc. It also focuses on solid and hollow modeling applied to the art of sculpting.

Mastering the Craft: This book describes the step involved in the formulation of clays, application of glaze and firing of clay bodies.
pottery pottery pottery pottery

Metal Enameling: The 20 page of this book has many simple instructions on metal cleaning, methods of application, finishing and firing. The book also provides some sketches and pictures on sculpting.

Indian Pottery Book: India is a land of art and culture. Among the famous arts of India the art of pottery making is world famous. Many books on Indian pottery have been written time to time. One famous Indian pottery book is the book written by Toni Roller. It is a famous book describing in details the art of pottery making. In the book the author has written the process of burnishing and using slip. She also discusses the unique Indian firing process.

pottery pottery pottery pottery